is the topic of this year’s OWF.ZUKUNFT – the East German Economic Forum – on 20./21. May 2019 in Bad Saarow.
The fall of the wall marks the 30th anniversary of 2019. The turnaround that gave birth to the new federal states and a united Berlin has been completed. The process of alignment between East and West has been stagnating for years. However, megatrends, which, after 30 years of German unity, pose new challenges for the new federal states as well as for all of Germany.
• The digital transformation affects all areas of life.
• The global economy loses its proven multilateral rules of the game.
• Climate change shifts priorities.
Here are the chances for the East German economy to gain a head start.

The Initiative Wirtschaft.Wachstum.Zukunft,
which unites the partners of OWF.ZUKUNFT, is therefore dedicated to the future prospects of the East German economy with new ideas for the agenda of politics and business. The initiative is a network for all strategically interested parties.


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