Volucap is supporting the Birds of a Feather (BOF) program at the siggraph this year.
BOF sessions are attendee-organized explorations or collaborations on topics impacting the industry.


Panel 1: Volumetric Studios

Various volumetric video studios gather to discuss their experiences, challenges, and opportunities in the early days of this new medium. Where is the market now, and where will it go? Topics include successes and lessons learned so far, most/least active scenarios, creator and consumer perceptions, technology evolution, trends in the market, and predictions for the years ahead.

Moderator: Steve Sullivan, General Manager, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios

Speaker Panel:
Volucap [Sven Bliedung, CEO]
8i [Hayes Mackaman, CEO]
4D Views [Richard Broadbridge, CEO]
Scatter (Depthkit) [James George, CEO/Co-Founder]
Intel [Dave Smiddy, Product Development]

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Room 309


Panel 2: Intel: Creators Meet Technology

Intel Studios partnered with avant-garde, multi-media creator, Reggie Watts to create Runin’ VR – an immersive, interactive dance experience. Intel Studios also worked with Paramount Pictures and the original director Randal Kleiser of the 80’s iconic film ‘GREASE’ to create an immersive media experience in celebration of the film’s 40th anniversary.

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Room 406B


Panel 3: Volumetric Video Creators

Content creators discuss the advantages of using volumetric video captures as a way to tell stories, entertain and educate, as well as lessons learned along the way. Topics covered including the funding landscape, best methods of reaching audiences, most effective storytelling methods and future creative directions.

Speaker Panel includes:

  • Dr Stefan Salzbrunn (Volucap)
  • David Liu [The Lightframe Co]
  • Nonny de La Pena [Emblematic]
  • Kiira Benzing [Double Eye Studios]
  • Ewan Johnson [Arcturus]
  • Jason Waskey [Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios]
  • Asad J. Malik [1RIC]

Room 406A

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