Virtual and augmented reality applications offer new perspectives for efficiency gains in industrial processes.

Originally developed by media and gaming pioneers, virtual and augmented reality applications also offer a wide range of opportunities for industry: virtual prototypes, machine simulations, digital twins for factory planning, immersive learning, remote maintenance, smart logistics and production… are not science fiction, but are already enabling horizons to be broadened and help industrial processes gain efficiency.

In this online event, the diverse possibilities of VR and AR applications will be shown, individual best-practice solutions will be presented and concrete questions or possible areas of application will be identified and discussed together with the participants. In a learning exchange, initial connections between technology providers and users will be encouraged.

Introduction: Prof. Christoph Runde, VDC Fellbach

Impulses by: Volucap (Sven Bliedung), HEC (Heiko Müller) and FoP Consult (Rico Schady)

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