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Covid-19 – We are open

By |October 13th, 2020|

The current pandemic has become a catalyst for digitization and offers the opportunity to test and optimize the diverse areas of application of media technologies. Our team at Volucap has [...]

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Volucap receives the Aurea Award

By |January 18th, 2020|

On January 16, 2020, the AUREA Award was presented for the second time during an international conference. Pioneers in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) came together to meet colleagues [...]

Holocaust Survivors

By |December 1st, 2019|

He is one of the last Jewish survivors of the Holocaust: Ernst Grube. The story of the Munich native has now been immortalized in Babelsberg. The UFA has recorded the short film "Ernst Grube [...]

Die Fantastischen Vier – Fantaventura

By |September 9th, 2019|

At the IFA, Telekom presented the virtual reality work "The Fantastic VR - Fantaventura". The production took place in the Berlin Volucap Studios. The world's first VR experience of a band in 6DoF (Six [...]

Arri and Volucap: International Broadcast Day

By |August 3rd, 2019|

Arri and Volucap invited to the second International Broadcast Day. The event aims to promote the development and marketing of Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in content production. Leading experts [...]

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

By |January 23rd, 2019|

From silent film to volumetric video Virtual reality was yesterday. In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Warsaw, UFA X is producing a "walk-in film" entitled "The Dream of Cesare" as a free adaptation and politically [...]

  • what caught my eye at ibc

IBC 2018 Future Zone featuring Volucap

By |September 12th, 2018|

IBC 2018 FUTURE ZONE FEATURING VOLUCAP Walkable movies and interactive stories are now broadening our reality and bringing completely new forms of storytelling. The viewer can freely move around actors as [...]

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