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Fantaventura – Fantastische Vier VR

FANTAVENTURA is a VR based remake of the song and video “Tag am Meer”. On this incredible island, the visitor meets the four band members of today and their younger selves. Die Fantastischen Vier are releasing the world’s first immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Experience of a band in 6 DOF to mark their 30th anniversary.


Following the launch at IFA 2019 and the publication in the TELEKOM magenta VR app, our 6DoF experience with Die Fantastischen Vier is now coming to the museum! From January 20, the installation is shown in the special exhibition: TROY – 30 Years The Fantastic Four in the StadtPalais Museum of Stuttgart. At the same time, the experience is also published on STEAM at the end of February.


A production of DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER and In cooperation with gebrueder beetz filmproduktion, RADAR Media and High Road Stories.


Enabled by the German Telekom and SEAT Germany

Funded by the MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg


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“As a big Fanta fan, this moment was so touching to me that I had tears in my eyes. The band has been a part of my life for thirty years, so it felt like a summary of my life so far. I am convinced that this emotional closeness can only be achieved through virtual reality. Without spoiling it: the ending made me laugh and nod appreciatively. Here you can experience what goes on inside the Fantas’ heads in a completely new way.”

Christian Steiner,

“Fanta fans can experience new details about their darlings, whereas VR enthusiasts can go crazy in the 6 DOF world. Fantaventura is not exactly a game, it is an experience.”

Gaetano Rizzo,

Die Fantastischen Vier sind seit 30 Jahren aus der Musiklandschaft nicht mehr wegzudenken und dieses Jubiläum wird mit einem ganz besonderen musikalischen VR-Piece gefeiert. Die kreativen Köpfe aus Stuttgart haben eine psychotropische VR-Erfahrung zum Song “Tag am Meer” auf Magenta VR veröffentlicht.

Christoph Spinger ,