Project Description


Year: 2017

UFA LAB, together with UFA Technologies and the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute produced „Gateway to Infinity“ – the first volumetric movie in Germany. The experience gives you a small glimpse into a world of possibilities – when did you last have the chance to actually move among space guards on another planet?

You are standing in front of an alien portal to another dimension. Behind you just a bottomless abyss. Your only companions are two space guards, arguing about their job and daily life. That’s the beginning of „Gateway to Infinity“, a Space VR Experience, with comedic parts, using the revolutionary HBR (Human Body Reconstruction) technology.

The “3D Human Body Reconstruction (3DHBR)” technology of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI is being used for the first time as a joint test production with UFA/UFA LAB. The result is the fully immersive film and volumetric virtual reality experience “GATEWAY TO INFINITY”.

This innovative reconstruction method makes it possible to generate dynamic 3D models of people, which appear natural, going far beyond the conventional animation of virtual characters. In this test production, the 3D models were created based on real actors so that gestures, facial expressions and textures (skin, hair and fabric) could be recorded in detail. This made the lifelike reconstruction of facial expressions and moving clothes possible. The 3D models were subsequently integrated into a virtual scene. Viewers with virtual reality glasses can therefore observe these virtualised people at very close range and from various perspectives. This new contact with the characters and the story creates an entirely different level of immersion and virtual experience.

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