Project Description

Rolf Zuckowski’s Liedergeheimnisse – Augmented Reality App


In collaboration with the Deutsche Pappebuch Gesellschaft Volucap has developed an AR app for the new children’s songbook by Rolf Zuckowski and Sarah Settgast „Rolfs Liedergeheimnisse”. The book let’s you explore the secrets of Rolf Zuckowski’s music, which have been illustrated with a lot of attention to detail by Sarah Settgast.

With the app, every page in the book comes to life. You can listen to the songs accompanied by the pictures and sing along with the lyrics. On the cover, Rolf Zuckowski and Sarah Settgast welcome you personally as their own Volucap.




Rolf Zuckowski (Musik für Dich), Sarah Settgast




Meet Rolf and Sarah

Volucaps of Rolf Zuckowski and Sarah Settgast welcome you on the cover of the book. To do so, we produced volumetric recordings of the two.

The Audio-Pappe App

By scanning the QR code on the back of the book you are able to download the Audio-Pappe App and experience the music in a new way. The app is available for Android and iOS.