Project Description

Tagesschau 2025

What happens when the program leaves the screen and news can suddenly be experienced anew, weather maps hover over your own couch and the lunar eclipse takes place in your own living room. To answer this question, the Tagesschau took an innovative pioneering role and produced a complete episode of the Tagesschau for the first time in augmented reality.

To preserve authenticity, news anchor Linda Zervakis was volumetrically recorded with all natural details. Her captured image, in turn, can therefore not only be placed anywhere, but compared to classic 3D avatars it actually looks like a real person. Such a new format makes it possible to take up different perspectives and give the viewer an individual experience.
However, making the news in this way tangible has a much greater effect than just transmitting news. By presenting the program within a private environment, a completely new connection to the presenter and the facts is created.

And the feedback of the visitors to the project was overwhelming. Volucap is proud to have created, together with the Tagesschau, a worldwide unique case that not only demonstrates the usefulness of new technologies in the news field, but also paves the way for future news broadcasts.

IFA 2019

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Starring: Linda Zervakis
Concept: NDR & ARD-Aktuell

App Development: AppsFactory

Volumetric Scan by Volucap

Volumetric recording

Tagesschau 2025 volucap Linda ZervakisNewsanchor Linda Zervakis 3D volumetric model wireframe

Volumetric Capture (Volucap) of Linda Zervakis