Project Description

Deutsche Telekom XR Day 2020

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Volucap is very proud to provide Deutsche Telekom the first mixed reality multidevice volucap live stage presentation. During presentation, Sven von Aschwege left the stage and his Volucap took over the discussion, answering several questions from the pannelists. The audience was able to follow the mixed reality extension via live tracked camera view on several screens and different mixed reality devices.

The Deutsche Telekom invited leading companies and experts in the field of VR and AR to present their work and build a network of specialists.

Some of the guests including:

  • Sean Seaton, VP Partnering & Connected Devices XR Business Development Team PAT
  • XR Team / Terry Schussler / Dillon Seo / MEX
  • XR Space
  • Julian Randall, SVP Unity
  • Chi Xu, CEO Nreal
  • Jeff Lyndon, MarkAR
  • Sven Bliedung, CEO Volucap GmbH