Project Description

ZDF Kultur – Mono.Drama – Antigone

The brothers Polyneikes and Eteocles killed each other on the battlefield. Their uncle Kreon explains Eteocles as a hero and Polyneikes as a rogue. He decrees that the latter’s body should not be buried. But their sister Antigone disobeyed him and buried the outlaw brother. This is where the plot of Sophocles’ more than 2,000-year-old drama begins. It’s title is “Antigone”, but it could just as well be called “Kreon”, for the play unfolds a struggle between two powers, individual and state. Law and public interest meet personal desires and beliefs.

In MonoDrama, Susanne Wolff plays both sides, Kreon and Antigone. The ancient tragedy becomes a sci-fi horror and Antigone the guardian of the environment, not trying to protect her brother, but defending the last blooming flower against a dark power, Kreon.

A short part of the movie can be viewed as a volumetric scene. The actor was volumetrically recorded in the studio of Volucap, the programming and environment design was done by AnotherWorld.



Starring: Susanne Wolff

Director: Faraz Shariat
Production: Hyperbole
Concept: Bastian Asdonk
Dramaturgical assistance: Philipp Arnold
Creative Producer: Ann-Catrin Malessa
Producers: Nadja Brandt, David Seeberg
Editor ZDF: Wolfgang Horn

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