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Fantaventura – Fantastische Vier VR


Fantaventura - Fantastische Vier VR FANTAVENTURA is a VR based remake of the song and video "Tag am Meer". On this incredible island, the visitor meets the four band members of today and their younger selves. Die Fantastischen Vier are releasing the world's first immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Experience [...]

Meeting Josh


Meeting Josh As the world's first 6DoF experience for mobile VR systems, "Meeting Josh Mayo" offers the possibility to learn cool dribbles and precise throws from the former basketball star of Telekom Baskets Bonn. Together with Deutsche Telekom and Anotherworld, Volucap produced the first full mobile volumetric VR experience. [...]

Virtual History – Roman Forum VR experience


Virtual History -Roman Forum VR experience “Virtual History” reconstructs the Roman Forum as a VR experience space A project by the Film University Potsdam makes a virtual walk through the Roman Forum possible. As a result, viewers can experience history "real" and interact with what they have seen and heard. [...]

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