VR is the representation of a virtual world that is computer-generated. This is often based on our reality, but it does not have to be.

Virtual reality simulates presence this created world and can represent various sensory impressions such as smell, sight, sounds and touch.

Even a normal video game already provides a virtual reality, similar to Force Feedback from joysticks or gamepads. These simulate a tactile sensation in the virtual world.

Nevertheless, virtual reality is very closely connected with the term immersion and thus VR glasses. By using these glasses you no longer have to rely on a monitor, have a 3D image available and can turn your head in all the right ones and observe its virtual environment.

The user of such a VR glasses, like the Oculus Rift, so dives into the virtual reality and not just look down on them, as is the case with a monitor. The feeling of really being part of an imaginary world, immersion, becomes really possible in the visual field only with the latest technology.

Strictly speaking, in VR with VR glasses and similar equipment is no longer just about immersion, so the immersion in this world, but of presence, so the feeling of actually being in this world and to be able to move in this and influence them – One has the feeling to be present in this world and to exist in it.